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Unleash your pup, unleash your friendship.

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Unleash your pup, unleash your friendship.

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Unleash your pup, unleash your friendship.

Upgraded Now with Padded Straps/Easy Clip Buckles

How does it work?

Sit, good dog. The Ruffit takes a common sitting position that dog's use and mimics that position while on your back. The cushioned interior the newly designed padded dog side straps allow for a comfortable and secure ride, while the mesh side panels (stock) allow for maximum air flow keeping your pet nice and cool.



*For dogs under 25 lbs or less and 18 inches across the back or less*



Ruffit's Shipping Practices

Ruffit's Shipping Practices

The love for dogs is universal and we are working to expand availability overseas. At purchase, you will receive a receipt and tracking number to help follow your package on its route to your location. Current ship time is 2-day processing and 3-day arrival in the USA. and 2-day processing and 5-7 day international.

Ruffit's Product Instructions

Ruffit's Product Instructions

Unlike those cabinets you put together, you really do need to follow the instructions when it comes to the Ruffit. Specifically when it comes to sizing. Our carrier is different… to say the least but it works. We are the only carrier with a design that holds your pet in place using restraints like a cushioned seatbelt. With that said, click the tab and take the 60 seconds to see how it works.

Care and Cleaning

Care and Cleaning

If Kryptonite were an appliance, it would be a washing machine. Please never put the Ruffit in a washing machine as it will damage the hardware and possibly even damage your machine. Hand wash only and keep out of reach of your pet's reach as they may chew on the hardware.

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