10 Of The Laziest Dog Breeds!

10 Of The Laziest Dog Breeds!

April 18, 2018

When you think dogs, you think energetic, running, and constant playing around! But some breeds just want to be lazy and require a lot less energy. Here are some breeds that prefer to sleep or snuggle. The Couch Potato Squad!

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound has a reputation for being lazy and slow! This breed was breed for the purpose of hunting with their amazing sense of smell, but some just want to sniff out a comfy spot on the couch!


This breed loves nothing more than a good nap. Snoozing and snoring is their middle name!

French Bulldog

Similarly to their ancestors, the bulldog, Frenchies love naps and are cuddle bugs! This small breed is the best affectionate companion. 

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards were bred for rescues but now they are most likely laying around in a backyard. They are patient and calm, making them gentle giants! 

Chow Chow

Chow Chows are referred to as “puffy-lion dogs” but aren’t fierce like a lion! They are a very loyal breed and family friendly! Also quite quiet!

Bernese Mountain Dog

You would think this breed would be climbing mountains but these fluffy dogs like relaxing indoors as much as they like being outside.


Weighing up to 150 pounds, this big breed is very relaxed and lazy! These sweet-tempered pups are large, easily trainable, and gentle.

Shih Tzu

They've been friendly and important throughout history. This breed is a lover and wants to be your companion. The Shih Tzu is an happy, clever, outgoing, and an affectionate house dog who loves nothing more than to be lazy with you. 

Tibetan Mastiff

This giant breed loves nothing more than to lay around the house all day! But it is a good idea to get these big pups up and moving. They are big balls of love and cuddles!


This short-muzzled, wrinkly, and curly tailed breed is a lot in a small package! They are docile, charming, quiet, and attentive. Making them great for hanging out and watching movies with you!

Don’t forget all dogs, even the less active ones, require exercise to stay healthy, whether it's regular walks or play sessions.
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