43 Activities that you can do with your dog.

43 Activities that you can do with your dog.

December 13, 2018

Hello Ruffers! Do you always do the same activities with your dog? Do you get bored of always doing the same with your dog? There are a thousand ways in which you can spend time with him and not get bored, but always the most important thing is to dedicate time, which will thank you,

  1. Take it for a walk
  2. Prepare the food
  3. Give a bath to your dog
  4. Comb your dog's hair
  5. Cut its hair
  6. Fix its nails
  7. Take pictures
  8. Go running
  9. Go to a park
  10. Take it shopping with you
  11. Show something new
  12. Sign up for dog training classes
  13. Take it to play with other dogs
  14. Buy it toys
  15. Swim in a pool
  16. Give it a massage
  17. Go on vacation together
  18. Take a car trip
  19. Hide its food 
  20. Enroll in a dog competition
  21. For a week give different food every day
  22. Have a picnic
  23. Go hiking together
  24. Dance together
  25. Sing together
  26. Celebrate its birthday
  27. Buy it a gift and let him open it
  28. Spend a whole day with your dog
  29. Get to know a new place
  30. Go to the supermarket
  31. Visit old friends
  32. Go hunting in the forest
  33. Eat an ice cream together
  34. Take it to a fair
  35. Dress the same for a day
  36. Go to a canine party
  37. Organize a party at your house for your friends
  38. Go camping
  39. Take the sun together
  40. Paint its hair
  41. Take it to a game of your favorite team
  42. Play in the yard
  43. Visit a museum where dogs are accepted


Remember that the most important thing is to spend time with your dog and show them your love. Doing different activities will help you spend more time with your dog and not get bored. We recommend you to do this type of activities continuously, then, you will see that your dog will improve its behavior and that both will have fun.


Have a pawsome day!