5 Awesome Summer Activities with your Pets

5 Awesome Summer Activities with your Pets

July 18, 2018

It’s the Summer and you are free to have fun with your pets! (Well, some of us!). Sometimes you aren’t sure what to do all summer long. Here are some summer activities that you and your pet will enjoy!!

Go to the Beach

    Take your dog to the beach and play in the water. Most beaches are pet friendly and a great small getaway if you live close to a beach.
    1. Go Camping Overnight 

    You can even camp in your backyard! Such a great family activity and an adventure even if it is just right behind your house.
    1. Go Biking

    Take your pup biking! Yes, we know, dogs can’t ride a bike, but they can in the Ruffit! Unleashing your friendship in a new way.
    1. Create a Water Park

    You can make a water park in your own yard that the whole family will love. Set the water hoses up, and some tarps out, and you got yourself a slippin’ slide!
    1. Try Doga

    Yes, this is Yoga with your dog!! Get your calming exercise on with a dog and human yoga class, or just in your own home.
    Here are just a FEW activities you can do with your pup when you aren’t sure what to do on one of those long hot days. Be sure to always stay hydrated and safe during your activities. And have a great summer!!
    Unleash your Friendship!