March 07, 2018

Dogs are a humans best friend, of course! That is why we love taking our dogs everywhere, especially more places with the Ruffit Dog Carrier.
Today I was with my dog at the coffee shop, lunch, and around the center of the city and it made me think... what are the top reasons why we love dogs!

1. Your dog is your best friend.

You have a companion that wouldn’t mind going with you anywhere you go; mostly without complaints;) Most shops don’t allow dogs walking around inside but when you carry your dog is the Ruffit, they become the center of attention. Most importantly, you can shop with your best friend behind you!

2. They are cute, cuddly, and entertaining.

3. They love you unconditionally!

No matter what you do, they always care the most. They rely on you for everything and appreciate your existence. You are their whole life.

4. They are the cheapest to shrink around!

They keep us healthy! Petting dogs keeps your blood pressure down, helping with everything from stress to heart disease. They also promote an active lifestyle by playing with them and taking them for walks. And when they get tired, you just carry them home in a Ruffit!

5. They are your protector!

They can sense when something isn’t right and also protect you from intruders! Or just the opposite, and make you more social by being everyone’s friend. Who says both aren’t the best!

We know there are an unlimited amount of reasons why we all love dogs but here are just a few I thought about today! Don’t forget to let your dog know how much you love them everyday because their life is shorter than ours and you are their whole world, as they are yours!
Have a paw-some day!