7 Things Only Dog Owners Understand

7 Things Only Dog Owners Understand

May 30, 2018

We, as pet owners, have a bond with our pets that some just don’t understand. Dogs are just so very unique, positive, and keep us laughing. Here are a few things that only dog owners understand that some without dogs might not!
  1. There Is Always Dog Hair

Dog hair, dog hair, everywhere! No matter how many times you vacuum or lint roll your clothes, dog hair is standard. It is just something we understand and accept!
  1. The Head Tilt

Whether you are talking about treats or there is just a weird noise, the head tilt gets us every time. It is just TOO cute!
  1. The Bath Time Escape

Whenever you run the bath water and yell your pups name… and they are nowhere to be found? And usually run away when you find them? Yeah, they know! 
  1. Your Camera Roll

When your camera roll consists of more pictures of your dog than anyone else. Whoops? Just a pet owner thing. 
  1. A Living Vacuum and Dishwasher

Who needs a dishwasher when you have a dog? Anything dropped or left behind gets licked up by your pup! Secretly, of course. 
  1. We Don’t Mind Picking Up Their Poop

Well sometimes, but do you see us willingly pick up other poop?! (Minus babies of course) I didn’t think so! 
  1. Your Dog Is The Cutest Out Of All The Dogs 

Yeah, my dog is cuter than yours. It is just fact! And you think yours is cuter than everyone else’s as well! We will have to just agree to disagree ;)
Obviously there are WAY more than just 7 things dog owners understand that others may not, but these are just a few we constantly think about! What are some of the things your dog does that only us dog owners will understand?

Have a paw-some day! 🐾