Cute Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

Cute Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

June 27, 2018

You have a birthday party every year so why can’t your dog? Here at Ruffit, we love celebrating our dog’s birthdays. Humans and dogs are invited! I can’t think of a better excuse to have a get together or party. Here are a few cute birthday ideas for your dog!

The Park Party!

Pick your dogs favorite park and invite all their friends! Always think about how many guests and what size pups are invited. It could be better to go to a dog park rather than a regular park. Bring lots of water, toys, and don’t forget the cake! You can even rent or buy little agility equipment for added fun!

The Pool Party!

Have a pool? Have a pool party. Hawaiian themed would make all the pups go barking wild! Whether you have a pool or set up some kiddie pools, your paw-some guests would enjoy it. You can make frozen treats as party favors and it’ll help keep them cool during a hot day. Don’t forget the Hawaiian themed drinks for the human guests ;)

Pet-Friendly Bed and Breakfast!

Take a weekend or overnight trip to a pet-friendly Bed and Breakfast! Pamper yourselves for a weekend getaway. Some hotels allow pets and some apps help filter out places that allow pets! You can create some adventures together around the area of your stay.

A Themed House Party!

Of course, the typical house party! You can have special theme, like movie stars with a red carpet or just balloons with a cake! Decorate and invite all the dog and human friends. Have treats for party favors and extra toys for the fur friends. Add a "Photo Booth” area for some fun and silly party pictures! Lastly, don’t forget the human adult beverages. Dogs also have doggie beer, which is just a bacon flavored drink for your dogs in a beer-like bottle. Too cute right?!
Try any of these ideas for your pups next birthday and it will have them barking with joy! Don’t forget the paw-ty hats and to always supervise your pets!
Bark bye!