Daily walks that your dog needs.

Daily walks that your dog needs.

September 27, 2018

Hello Ruffers! Have you ever wondered, how much time does your dog has to exercise? or how often do you have to take him for a walk? There are many articles that indicate the appropriate time, however, none is 100% reliable.

Generally, it is recommended to take your dog for a walk at least 3 times a day, distributed in the most balanced way throughout the day. Our advice is that the outputs never last less than 20 min.

In order to determine the daily walks, it is important to consider the hour you're available for walks, the weather, your dog breed, and its age. There are 3 types where you can catalog the age of your dog:

  • A puppy has a lot of energy, so it is recommended around 120 minutes divided in 4 - 5 daily walks.
  • An adult dog is already educated, so the daily time estimated is 45 - 90 min, divided in 3 - 4 daily walks.
  • For an elderly dog, it is very important that you consider not leaving the daily walks since they are usually tired, and this will help you to become active and not get depressed, no more than 2 daily walks.
Make sure the daily walks are frequent and fun for your dog. Has no sense if you only take it to the nearest garden and tie it to the leg of the table while you sunbathe.
Remember that the rides have to allow the animal, at least: 
-Explore the world
-Maintain contact with other dogs
We also recommend you to change the route in this way the level of stimulation that you offer will be greater than if your dog always goes to the same place or uses the same route.

Have a pawsome day!