Our 2018 Favorite Dog Products.

Our 2018 Favorite Dog Products.

January 03, 2019

Hi Ruffers! We are going to share our 9 favorite dog products of 2018. In our list, you will find cleaning products, toys, food, vitamins, accessories, among others. All the products that we are going to mention are 100% recommended, and easy to acquire.

-Salmon oil, supplement in trend

Salmon oil is a good way to improve the quality of your dog's diet. As we told you, it is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It is necessary for a veterinarian to prescribe the appropriate dose for your dog according to its race, age, weight, and physical condition.


- Dog training pads

Helps for training your puppy.


- Pill Pockets treats for dogs

Easy to give your dog medicine. 


- A tracker

Avoid losing your pet.


- Water pedal source

It allows you to drink water in a different way.


- Dog Carrier

If you have small or medium dogs, we advise you to buy a backpack, which will facilitate your walks or sports activities.


- A bed

For the comfort of your dog. 


- Food station

Facilitate the organization of your dog's food.

- Nutritional supplement

If your dog suffers some disease, It is very important that you start giving them supplements or vitamins. As always, before making any changes we recommend you to go with the veterinarian to assess your dog and determine in an appropriate way the best options for its health and development. 


Each of the mentioned products is essential for their healthy and complete development, besides being necessary for their training. Each of them has some benefit throughout its life.


Happy New Year!
Ruffit Dog Carriers Team.

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