Rainy Day Dog Activities

Rainy Day Dog Activities

May 09, 2018

Rainy days can be a dogs best friend if you think of great indoor activities to play or just chill out together. Dogs can get bored or depressed when they can’t go outside so here are some activities to help your rainy day go by faster!
  1. Tug-of-War

    Just a simple game of tug-of-war with a rope toy can make your dog feel less bored (and you too!) during your rainy day inside. 
    1. Interactive Dog Feeders or Puzzles

      These treat filled puzzles can keep your pup occupied, even if it might only be a few minutes!
      1. Practice using your Dog Carrier

        Sometimes your pup isn’t so sure about being in a carrier or needs time to get used to it so you can be fast at getting them in it in case of emergency or last minute trip! Try treat training and watch how to videos to make it fast, easy, and comfortable for your pups next adventure.
        1. Ball in the Hall

          Use your dogs favorite ball to play indoor fetch! Be careful, roll or lightly toss so you or your pup doesn’t break anything!
          1. Teach your Dog New Tricks

            No dog is too old to learn new tricks! You can try basic tricks like sit or stay, or move onto to the move fun ones. Always use treats as a reward or the tricks might not stick!
            1. Movies

              Yes, you can always snuggle up together and watch your favorite movies or TV shows. With snacks and treats of course!
              Your dog will enjoy whatever activities you decide to do on your rainy day as long as they are hanging out with you!