Reasons Why Dogs are Good for Your Health

Reasons Why Dogs are Good for Your Health

June 06, 2018

Here are 5 reasons why dogs can be beneficial to your health!

  1. Keep you more active

You are more likely to be active when you have a pet since they need to be more active as well! Jogging, walking your dog, and play fetch outside can keep you both active!
  1. Help relieve stress

Spending just a few minutes with your dog can reduce your stress and lower your blood pressure! Studies show that it releases the chemicals needed to keep you calm and happy. 
  1. Detect cancer

According to some studies and doctors, dogs can be trained to sniff out certain illnesses and cancers! What a “good boy” doctor!
  1. Improve your Social life

Of course dogs improve your social life!! They can be your best friend and/or they get all the attention from other humans! 
  1. Prevent allergies

Some studies show that when having pets with young children, they are less likely to have any allergy to pets and have stronger immune systems!
These are just a few reasons why dogs are good for your health! So visit your local shelter and give a good pup a home and increase your health!!