Signs Your Dog Is Bored

Signs Your Dog Is Bored

March 27, 2018

We all get bored sometimes, that is understandable! But humans can go and do whatever they want, while dogs rely on us for most of their fun. Here are some signs that your dog is bored and what you can do about it!

1- Excessive licking or chewing

When your pup is bored they will sometimes excessively lick or chew their paws or even constantly lick you too!

2-Destructive behavior, biting, or harassing other dogs

Destructive behavior like chewing shoes, getting into the trash, or biting your ankles is a sign that your dog has too much energy and needs to get it out. As well as harassing other dogs, your pup might just want to play but plays too rough because they have so much pent-up energy, which can cause a fight.

3- Whining or demand barking

Demand barking and whining usually mean the same thing- They want your attention! Too much whining and barking can cause stress on your dog because they are bored and want something to do- with you.

4- Tail chasing and pacing

Obsessive behavior can be a sign of boredom. Tail chasing and running around the house, doing “zoomies”, can mean they really want to find something to do and want to play.

5- Listlessness

This can be when your pup is laying around “sighing” and gives up when there is nothing to do. This can even cause depression.


Do not worry though! There are things you can do to keep your pup occupied. A busy pup is a happy pup!
Exercising, taking them for a walk, playing outside, going for a bike ride or shopping in the Ruffit! Taking them with you makes a big impact. Having toys and chew bones can help as well! Your pup just wants your attention and would rather be with you everywhere you go, so don’t leave your best friend behind!