Spring Cleaning! But for Your Dogs

May 03, 2018

Spring Cleaning! But for Your Dogs

Spring has sprung and it is time to get rid of the old to get ready to bring in the new! It is that time of year where we go through our things, clean the house, and clean out our old things and clothes; But don’t forget about your dogs! They need their toys, bedding, and their things cleaned too. Here are some things to start for Spring cleaning for your pets.


Go through your dogs toys and pick out the old, stinky, and torn ones to throw away. All of the other toys be sure to clean! Most are dishwasher and washer safe! Keeping germs at bay is important for your dogs health; And yours!
Bedding! Your dogs need their bedding washed just as often as you wash yours. Dogs play outside in the dirt, do some self grooming, and rolling around on things that are not so clean. Keeping their beds clean more often helps fight sickness, fleas, and worms!

Quick bath!

When cleaning everything else, you don’t want your pup to get it immediately dirty again. So give your pup a quick bath but make sure you are not over-bathing your dog because it can cause dry skin, which results in itching and flaking. 
Collars and Clothes! Wash those collars, leashes, and dog clothes (of course if your dog has clothes). A stinky collar can ruin a freshly bathed dog! You can wash your dogs collar and leash in your dogs bath with them! This can help possible skin irritation by using dog shampoo to clean your dogs types of clothing. 
Vacuum Dog hair and clean accidents! You can’t have your freshly bathed pup rolling on the carpet that is covered in dog hair and traces of dirt! Make sure to vacuum up that dog hair and clean any areas where your pup might have had accidents. Even if you have wiped it up or cleaned it before, it is best to clean accident areas with deodorizing pet cleaner because even though it is not there, your dog can still smell it.

Your Yard!

Make sure to maintain your yard for your dog to ensure your dog will be safe when you are letting them out. Clean up after their potty time. Spread orange peels where you don’t want your dog digging. Keep your pet away from fertilizers, snails, and mushrooms. Provide toys outside to keep your dog from getting bored. And lastly, provide plenty of water outside in a shaded area.

Lavender oil!

Lavender is not only known for being a calming scent but it can also keep fleas and ticks away. Put a few drops between your dogs shoulders regularly. You can make a lavender oil and water spray for your yard and home! It smells good, it is calming, and no fleas!
Use this simple check list to Spring clean for your pup! And bring on Summer!! 

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