Strange Dog Rituals

Strange Dog Rituals

May 23, 2018

Dogs are sometimes weird and we all know it; But we love that our dogs are so quirky. Some of the silly things our dogs do are actually rituals or ancestral behaviors. Here are a few strange behaviors and what they might mean, or just a fun fact about a ritual.


Sometimes your pup howls and you aren’t sure why, but it’s cute right?! Well their ancestors, wolves would howl to send information to other wolves far away or to enforce dominance. Howling could just be passed down from their ancestors and feel it is instinctively necessary. 

Walks in a Circle Before Laying Down

You know when your dog goes in circles before laying down and you tell them that going in circles isn’t going to change anything? Yes, well again, it is their ancestors fault! It is believed that their ancestors would pat down leaves or grass by going in circles to find a spot to sleep.

Sniffs Other Dogs' Butts

Of course, most everyone knows this one! Your dog sniffs other dogs’ butts to say “hello, nice to meet you”! But why you may ask? Dog behinds have a lot of revealing aromas! There is all the information they need to know!

Potty Compass

Did you know that dogs use the restroom facing the North-South axis? Yes, dogs potty in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field, along the North-South axis. That is why it takes your dog a while to find the best spot and go in a few circles before finally relieving themselves. 

Potty Stares

Have you noticed that your dog looks at you when they use the restroom? It is not because they want you to look away or that they might be embarrassed. It is because they are most vulnerable during this time and is looking to you to keep an eye out for danger for them!


Sometimes your dog buries their toys or treats. This is because their ancestors would have to bury their food to keep it for themselves until they were ready to eat it. Your dog is doing the same thing! They are wanting to protect whatever they are burying and claiming it as theirs.
Of course, these are not the only strange dog rituals or behaviors out there but definitely a few notable ones! What are some strange things that your dog does?
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