The best hotels for dogs.

The best hotels for dogs.

October 18, 2018

Hello Ruffers! In recent years hotels for dogs have become a trend and more those that are cataloged as 5 stars. There are hotels that offer hundreds of activities and spaces for dogs, such as spas, massages, limos, huge rooms with Cable TV, a menu with adequate diets for each of them, rides, gift kits, etc.

Next, we are going to show you the 6 most expensive and spectacular dog hotels around the world:

The Critterati (New Delhi): Not only has cozy beds, "spa", and 24-hour vet, but also offers eccentricities such as non-alcoholic beer imported from Belgium. The suite goes out for 70 USD a night. To eat, dogs can enjoy traditional dishes such as chicken with rice, but also muffins, pancakes and ice cream.


Olde Towne Pet Resort (Washington D.C.): Offers swimming pools and water training for dogs. But that is only the first attraction of a long list of amenities.

The place has a complete spa service for dogs and cats that includes treatments with mud baths, facials with blueberries, manicure, hairdressing, and other aesthetic services.  



Hotel D Pet (Chelsea and Los Angeles): It has rooms equipped with large designer beds, cable TV and DVD player. A high-end car (such as Ferraris, Porsches or Rolls-Royce) picks them up and returns them to their homes, and once in the center, pets can taste menus made up of rice, vegetables, lamb or chicken. In addition to treatments with body oils, massages, buccal cleansers, and pedicures, they have a trainer in the gym. The cost is between USD 64 and USD 161 per night.


Wag Hotel (Los Angeles): This is an accommodation specialized in rest of pets. The hotel offers room service 24 hours a day.

The staff of the hotel is responsible for performing massages to the animals throughout the day to relax.

Urban Tails Dubai (Dubai): In the city of luxury par excellence could not miss a luxury hotel for dogs. It is a very expensive seven-star hotel establishment. It is a complete resort in which pets will be perfectly cared for and trained, also it offers spa treatments.


Dog Petit Resort Joker (Tokyo): The Resort has impressive suites of maximum luxury for its guests to have all the comforts. They also offer services like swimming classes, spa treatments, and training sessions.

Remember that in order to book at any of these hotels you have to do it at least two weeks in advance, additionally, you must take into account that the cheapest room is 50-60 USD per night plus additional services.

Would you pay for any of this hotels or services?


Have a pawsome day!