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Our Adventure


May 07, 2015 Jona & Adelaida

Dear Diary... Oh sorry, wrong audience. So, here we are four weeks in wondering at what point we can call ourselves New Yorkers? Since our last post we have met thousands of people and and shared many stories about Ruffit and our mission. The welcome that we have received is immeasurable (check out #Ruffit on instagram). One such encounter was with Bobbie Tomas, leading trend guru on the non other than the Today show. She saw us and fell in love giving us the opportunity to go on her segment with our side kicks Mojo and Mico. It was really...

Big Move, Big Apple

April 01, 2015 Jona & Adelaida

What allows you to be in more than one place at a time? Automating your business. We have learned this valuable lesson from one of our favorite books: The 4 Hour Workweek. Both of us LOVE to travel and wish for a lifestyle of freedom while at the same time running a business. Lessons we have learned are the implementation of a virtual assistant and programer from abroad, streamlining a hassle free manufacturer, and lastly found a fulfillment house that will automate the whole process and help keep you, our customers, always happy with on-time product delivery. Now that our fullfillent isn't a garage in Dallas, we’re...

About Our Blog

January 27, 2015 Jona & Adelaida

And with a glance over at my new business partner (Adelaida) I utter "that sounds cool" followed by a audible laugh peppered with a bit of nerves...hmmmm. We want to welcome you to the magical land of "BLOG" where our fledgling business is recorded through daily decisions, adventures, pictures and where humor runs as rampant as my eighth grade diary.     We are the Dallas Duo behind the Ruffit Dog Carriers™! Hello, my name is Jonathan and I have been ambitions since I discovered running. With 10 years of design/advertising under my belt I can say that I am passionate about...