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And with a glance over at my new business partner (Adelaida) I utter "that sounds cool" followed by a audible laugh peppered with a bit of nerves...hmmmm. We want to welcome you to the magical land of "BLOG" where our fledgling business is recorded through daily decisions, adventures, pictures and where humor runs as rampant as my eighth grade diary.  
We are the Dallas Duo behind the Ruffit Dog Carriers™! Hello, my name is Jonathan and I have been ambitions since I discovered running. With 10 years of design/advertising under my belt I can say that I am passionate about all things creative. My business partner in this endeavour has a cooler and longer list of attributes than mine so we are just going to move. Just Kidding! Adelaida is a SMU Business Grad and has actually made it to a little know show called Shark Tank. An obsession with reading articles, books and the ingredients portion of cereal boxes has given her a wealth of knowledge, structure and drive. We go very well together like Picasso with a paint-ball gun.
So whats our aim? Simply put, to share the exciting, funny and often terrifying experience of trying to get a small business off the ground. Everything from design choices, influential people we meet, annoyances, laughter and the oh so entertaining world of dogs and the stories behind them. 
The Kibble and Bits of our conversation will be about the Ruffit Dog Carrier. An invention that truly revolutionizes the way that we interact with our small pets. Everything from hiking, hiking or on the go. Our hands free backpack styled dog carrier allow you unmatched mobility. The reactions that we get are beyond positive and we take pride in how far we have come. There is still lots to learn through trial and invite you along for the ride. 
If you would like to get to know us and our backgrounds a bit more, check out the About Section on our website, where you will be able to answer the question, "What is a Mico?" and "What is a Mojo a Daddoos?"

Thank you for reading!

Jona & Adelaida

Jona & Adelaida
Posts to look forward to: (1) Joining the Build a Business Competition #4hourlaunch, (2) Launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund an extension to our line, and (3) Video Travels across the country and globe. 

If you have any suggestions or questions please let us know!

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Created on Posted by Jennifer

I think this is an awesome invention! But, I have a 65 pound Irish Wolfhound / Chow Chow mix breed. He has hip dysplasia and sometimes cannot make it through a walk. My husband often times carries him back to the house or car. I am in a wheelchair and am unable to pick him up. I see that the Lage size Ruffit Dog Carrier has a French Bulldog, which is small in comparison to my 65 pound pup. Will there be a Ruffit Dog Carrier, in the future, that will hold my 65 pound dog? Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter. Thank you, Jennifer

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