Dear Diary...

Oh sorry, wrong audience. So, here we are four weeks in wondering at what point we can call ourselves New Yorkers? Since our last post we have met thousands of people and and shared many stories about Ruffit and our mission. The welcome that we have received is immeasurable (check out #Ruffit on instagram). One such encounter was with Bobbie Tomas, leading trend guru on the non other than the Today show. She saw us and fell in love giving us the opportunity to go on her segment with our side kicks Mojo and Mico. It was really fun and the most amazing part was the amount of exposure it got us. Sales went thru the roof. We actually ran out of a few sizes, but with all of the money that came in and our supportive customers we were able to place one of the largest orders of new carriers we've ever placed. It's very exiting seeing how much it helps and how easy it was to get on national TV. Our new strategy is now to try and contact more national TV talk shows and news channels to feature us. If you have any connections to help us with... wink wink... ;) 

That's it folks! Just loving the city lights and the mass amounts of opportunities NYC has to offer us! 

Thank you for reading, 

Jona & Adelaida

PS: If you'd like to see our segment, check out our Press Page.

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yay! Awesome! You guys!

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