Sizing and Safety are as important to us as your pup is to you, so please take 3 minutes to read this entire section as it includes step by step instruction on sizing and policies. Thanks! 

How to size your dog.
Using a cloth or flexible measuring tape to measure the dog's back. This carrier is made for dogs under 18 inches / 45.7 cm and under 25 pounds / 11.3 kilos. Tip: Be sure that pets collar is snug to get correct collar position. These are our sizes. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. 


What is considered the dog's back?
From the collar or neck of your dog to the base of the tail. Be sure that the dog's collar is snug to get an accurate position of the dog's neck.

***A 2 inches difference will effect the fit of the carrier so make sure to measure your dog in the standing and sitting positions.  

Great, your dog neck is XX, now what?
Refer to the chart below. 

Extra Large: 16-18 Inches
Large: 14-15.7 Inches
Medium: 12-13.7 Inches
Small: 10-11.7 Inches 

*EXAMPLE if your dog measures to be 15.75 you should round up to an XL


Safety, Warning and Return Policies.

: We are not responsible for your dog's safety. Please do not risk injury to your pet with dangerous activities. Not intended for use in water activities of any kind. Be mindful of the outdoor temperatures and pets condition. Alway inspect hardware prior to each use. Do not ever share or lend your carrier. It is sized for your dog and your dog only. If you are unsure with about the use or have any concerns please consult your veterinarian. As a fail safe, please make sure that your dog's collar is harnessed to the loop at the top of the carrier by passing it through the loop. 

Shipping:  Ruffit ships 2-3 day priority shipping. There is a $15.00 exchange fee if you need to exchange your carrier. You are responsible for the postage to ship your carrier back to our Returns and Exchanges processing center (503 Hartsdale Dr, Dallas TX, 75211)  We currently ship to North America and a few select countries worldwide. International import costs may apply in you home nation. Ruffit is not responsible for failure to pick up items from post office once it has arrived in destination country or city. 

Policies Exchange/Return: Items returned are likely to be exposed to illnesses such as Parvo, Distemper, Parainfluenza and parasites, (WE DO NOT RESELL THE PRODUCT). With this in mind, if you need to return your item for any reason other than a manufacturer defect a charge a 30% of the base product and refund the difference. Example if your carrier cost $99.00 you will receive $69.00 you have 15 days to return the item from the time of its arrival for an exchange or return.