Ruffit Dog Carrier

$ 99.00
The Ruffit carriers are secure, tailored to fit small to medium size dogs, yet to be comfortable for you while carrying your dog outdoors on your back or in front as a frontpack. Its innovative design enables your dog to take his common sitting position, while the mash side panels allow the optimum air flow.

Find the right size We only support small dogs up to 25 lbs, and currently do not have a breed specific sizing chart. Please check our sizing guide to accurately measure your dog for the best carrier size at: here


Ruffit's unique design enables your dog to have enough room to sit comfortably, while its components keeps your dog protected from any potential injuries during outdoor activity. It is light to carry and made to fit both back or front perfectly. You can securely attached your pet to your body so that you can safely enjoy the outdoors. Ruffit is washable manually and easy to clean, but also firm enough and scratchproof so it can not be easily damaged or destroyed.